My Name is Tim Brunkhorst.
I am a freelance filmmaker based in Minden, Germany.

I studied “Motion Pictures” in Darmstadt, working for a marketing company in Hanover and for many other clients all over Germany.
My latest project is a 24 minute long feature film called “Die unkonventionelle Überfahrt des Timm Nymen” which is funded by the film subsidy Northmedia and HessenFilm.
On most of my jobs and projects I work with my own equipment or rent special stuff from rental houses.

  • Reise zum Himmel: 99FireFilms Award „Top 99“ (2018)
  • Von unscheinbaren Dingen: jung & abgedreht, Hanau (2019)
  • Von unscheinbaren Dingen: Sektion Regionale Helden
  • Von unscheinbaren Dingen: JuFinale Unterfranken, Würzburg (2019)
  • Von unscheinbaren Dingen: 54. Werkstatt der jungen Filmszene, Wiesbaden (2019)
  • Von unscheinbaren Dingen: visionale19, Frankfurt am Main (2019)
  • Forever Yours: Official Selection FRRRKK-FEST (2018)
  • Forever Yours: 29. Bamberger Kurzfilmtage (2019)
  • Hush up: Quarter Finalist – Student World Awards,
  • Hush up: Los Angeles, USA (2019)
  • Hush up: Bundesfestival junger Film, St. Ingbert (2019)
  • Hush up: Nominierung Camgaroo Award, Kategorie Spaß, München (2019)
  • Hush up: visionale19, Frankfurt (2019)
  • Hush up: XXS Dortmunder Kurzfilmfestival, Dortmund (2019)
  • A Mean Time Between Failures: „Hessischer Hochschulfilmpreis“ Hessischer Film und Kinopreis (2019)
  • Das Schamhaar: „Highest commendation“ London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival (2019)
  • Das Schamhaar: „Best Student Film“ Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (2019)
  • Das Schamhaar: Rome Prisma Awards “Official Selection” (2019)
  • Das Schamhaar: Sunday Shorts Film Festival “Semi-Finalist” (2019)
  • Das Schamhaar: Ufa Youth Short Film Festival “Highest Commendation” (2020)
  • Das Schamhaar: European Short Film Festival Frankfurt (2020)